Daniel Diaz

Daniel Diaz

Who is Daniel Diaz?

Daniel Diaz is the middle child of Pastor’s David and Donna Diaz. Daniel was working diligently in the ministry, following the footsteps of his parents. His desire was to create an open heaven thru his life. His days were spent helping people in a variety of ways. If you were down and out he would lift your spirits, get you on a journey to doing something with your life from A-Z. His constant joy and incredible personality was contagious, you knew when he entered a room. If you had the privilege of meeting him, you had a friend for life.

Daniel’s Seed

On November 11, 2013, at the end of a long day finishing an outing with some of the youth he was working with, his life here on earth came to an end. He was tragically killed in a racial act of violence in the city of Pomona.

He had just turned 33; His plans were just completed in establishing a strong Youth Home for boys who were struggling. Celebrating the victory of the very first graduate of the youth home, he was taking this young boy home and he was caught in an act of violence.

Our desire as his parents is to continue his work. Although the city of Pomona has brought us great sorrow and his absence in our lives is constant pain. We are committed to bringing resources to this city to help families who have been affected and or victimized by many types of crime.

Daniel’s ringtone on his phone alarm each morning was a song called, “I Give Myself Away” – he truly did! He also wrote on his Bible, “IT’S NOT THE DURATION OF YOUR LIFE BUT THE DONATION OF YOUR LIFE THAT COUNTS”. If all of us were to live like this…together we could change the world.

-Pastors David and Donna Diaz (Daniel’s Mom and Dad)

Media Coverage

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#LivelikethatLovelikethat Day

November 11th marks the anniversary of Daniel A Diaz entering into heaven in 2013. We celebrate and honor his legacy by living the way that he lived his life. We are asking you on this day, to go out and be a blessing to somebody else that is in need. Everywhere you look, there is hurt and pain, but you can be the one the make a difference in somebody’s life. You can change the course of somebody’s day or life, just by choosing to be the blessing that they need in their life. As a family, we always think “What if the person that took Daniel’s life on November 11, was encountered earlier in that day by an act of kindness, would that have changed the course of action he took that day?” We want our acts of kindness to reach so far that they can change the course of somebody else life and make a difference. Be a blessing to somebody and share your testimony with us by hash tagging #livelikethatlovelikethat

Daniel Diaz Foundation

The Daniel Diaz foundation has been a blessing to many since its birth. Being directly impacted by the tragedy of Daniel, Pastors David and Donna have a burden and desire to help other families that have to walk through this journey as well. Through the DDF many families, including Pastor’s, have been financially blessed to cover some funeral expenses, living expenses, etc after also suffering a tragedy in their family. The Daniel Diaz Foundation ultimate aim is to connect and provide youth with the necessary resources to succeed in life and draw closer to God. Educational grants will be awarded to young men and women demonstrating a sincere desire to overcome negative influences in their lives. A youth ranch for boys, Daniel’s House, will also be developed to allow young men the opportunity to escape their unstable living environments as they build life skills within a healthy Christian environment.