Care Acts
  • 504 N Rimgrove Dr.
    La Puente, CA. 91744

  • City of La Puente

Care Acts

Care Acts

At NBCM we believe in going outside the 4 walls of the church and making an impact in the community we are serving. The need is great and we are not afraid to get our hands dirty and meet the needs, in not only a spiritual way but also in a practical way. We believe that the local church is responsible for producing positive change in the community, this change should be visible and always increasing.

40 + Homes, 200 Volunteers

Each year we provide local residents with free beautification and repair services, including landscaping, painting, plumbing, cleaning and light electrical and construction work. In one single day with the help of 200 + volunteers, we target 40 homes throughout the Baldwin Park and El Monte area. These services are offered free of charge to families that could otherwise not complete the work themselves due to a sickness in the family, a death, elderly family, etc.

This Year

This year for Care Acts, we are focusing on the city of La Puente, CA. This is the city we now call home. We are excited to work with the community and bring a positive change to this city. If you know a family or somebody that needs repairs done to their home, please call us at 626.671.0090