Our Pastors

Our Pastors


If you’re new to NBCM or are considering joining us for a service, we hope you’ll find a place where you feel welcomed and at home, even if you’ve never been to church before. Our hope is that you will be changed by God’s Word, encouraged by his people and touched by his presence. Our desire is to provide an atmosphere for growth and ministry so that you and your family can build a strong foundation.
We’re here to serve you and help you find a meaningful place of service to God. We are committed to helping every person believe in Jesus, belong to a family, become a disciple, discover your destiny and build His kingdom.

We can’t wait to meet you!
Pastors David and Donna

About Pastors David and Donna

David and Donna are the founding pastors at NBCM, they have been serving in ministry alongside each other for over 40 years now. Effective communicators of God’s word, both are widely known for their practical and dynamic teaching styles, helping people to apply the timeless truths of scripture to their everyday lives. They have a passion to restore people, bring families together, and unite entire communities. They have spoken across the nation at pastor’s gatherings, prayer events and even stadium gatherings, but remain committed to their work in the San Gabriel Valley. Both being the first in their families to surrender to the Lord, they have seen the impact and effect that can happen over the years if you fully surrender to God’s will.

Pastor David

Pastor David has a keen ability to preach the gospel in a practical way that applies to everyday life. You will leave the message feeling like you just received a personal word from the pastor. Other than being a passionate preacher, Pastor David is a father at heart. He personally takes many men under his wing and works one on one to help them reach their full potential. He believes if you reach the Man, you will reach the entire household. His counsel has been sought out by Pastors, Ministers and Civic leaders and he is recognized among them for his efforts and his contributions in developing a network and fostering unity of the enhancement of the community at large.  You can hear Pastor David on the radio on Sunday evenings at 7:00pm on 99.5 KKLA.

Pastor Donna

Pastor Donna is a mighty preacher that brings the fire when she takes the pulpit. She focuses on building the women in the church and has a thriving Woman’s ministry called AWAKE. These women learn from 3 principles 1) A Woman and her God 2) A Woman and her family 2) A Woman and her church / community. As a wife, mother and minister, she is such an inspiration to women. 

Together, Pastors David and Donna have built a beautiful life. They have been married for 39 years and have raised 3 adult children, David Jr, Daniel and Doreen. Tragically in the year 2013 they lost their son Daniel, because of this they have grown in their compassion for grieving families and through the Daniel Diaz foundation they have been able to be a blessing to other Pastors who have suddenly and tragically lost children. Pastor David and Donna’s greatest passion right now is to complete the movie “Live Like That” and to see millions of souls saved. They will continue on in the work of God until they are reunited in heaven.

The Diaz Family

Executive Pastor
Pastor Gilbert Zaragoza